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Friday Night Racing

Its happening! Tonight! For Real!  Be there or be square!

In case you didn’t know, FOBH is hosting a Friday night racing series in any/all or our fleet boats.  It is free for members and a measly $10 for non-members.  Bring a friend. Bring an enemy. Bring a dog (well maybe not a dog).  Rigging at 5:30, race at 6, done and out of FOBH by 8pm.  Who knows where from there…

Weekend hours

This weekends tides are a little funny.  Here are the hours for this weekend:

Saturday 7/16- 8am to 12pm
Sunday 7/17- 8am to 12pm

Look out for the Adult Sailing Session thats going on this weekend.  Adriana and I will be using the Menger Cats with an excited group of new sailors the whole time, so brush up on your JY or 420 skills.  Try out a Bic, they can be a blast for adults in good wind.  Remember: we’ve got lots of kayaks, too, plus a new (new for us anyway) stand up paddle board/ windsurfer to use.  The windsurfer parts are non-operational at this point, but its great for paddle-boarding.

See you there tonight and tomorrow (I can’t get enough of this great weather!),

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