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Fleet Maintenance (knowing or being willing to learn all skills related to maintenance and repair of boats)
Buildings & Grounds (knowing or being willing to learn all skills related to general maintenance)
Sailing Instruction (providing general assistance to certified sailing Instructors)
Site Supervision (oversight of on-site activity during programs and events)
Programs (providing general assistance to program managers)
Special Events (planning and carrying out all FOBH-scheduled events designed to raise friends and funds for the organization)
Community Relations (meeting with and recruiting interest and support from government, education, association, religious and other community leaders)
Communications (website, publicity, media relations, photo/video, E-blasts, social media, and other communications responsibilities)
Institutional Advancement (seeking operating and capital financial support from individuals, foundations, corporations, government, associations and other sources)
Administration ( providing support in all areas of administrative assistance e.g., telephone, files, correspondence, bookkeeping, etc.)
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