Troop 99 Completes Sailing Camp

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We made the news all the way out in Pennsylvania!  Hows that for community outreach?

This story is from the Newtown Gazzette of Newtown, PA, home of Eric Roberts and Boy Scout Troop 99.  They have been doing a Scout Camp with FOBH for the past few years, earning their Small Boat Sailing Merit Badges.  Our camp this year was way back in June and the sensationalist media out there is having a frenzy with this one right now. Congrats boys!


Pictured front row from left, Connor French, Aubrey Saunders, Ethan Koza and Danny Matz; middle row, Vladimir Karepov, Matthew Stockburger, Josh Griffin, Mike Austin, James McCarron and Roger Yu; back row, instructors Christopher Childers, Eric Roberts and Kyle Roberts.

A group of Boy Scouts from Newtown’s Troop 99 recently completed a Sailing Camp in Belmar, NJ.  Ten scouts camped out at the edge of the Shark River Basin for four days and completed the requirements for the Small-Boat Sailing merit badge, and also earned their Small Boat Sailor certification from the US SAILING organization. The camp was conducted in partnership with the Friends of the Belmar Harbor (FOBH), a non-profit group dedicated to training youth in the skills of sailing. Christopher Childers, FOBH Program Director, provided the primary sailing instruction.


Didn’t know about FOBH and the BSA?  We have a Merit Badge Counselor on staff and we can certify Scouts in their Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge.  Read about it here.

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