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Introducing the new and improved Friends of Belmar Harbor Racing program!

This year, as done in the past, FOBH junior sailing encourages it’s students to expand their sailing experiences by traveling and competing at local regattas. Doing so provides a tremendous opportunity to better one’s skills as well as foster relationships with many new people. This year, however, we have taken into consideration the time commitment that was necessary to commit to our racing program in the past, and realizing that junior sailing is often not the only activity your “junior” is involved in we have altered the schedule. The new schedule allows for small tastes of the racing experience without being completely overwhelming.


This years racing program will consist of four two week sessions each followed by a regatta. This set up will help ease the transition from our regular junior sailing program to the racing program, while at the same time expanding students sailing horizon. The session dates are as follows.

Racing Session 1

June 20th-30th

July 1st – Feed the Need Regatta @ PBYC

Racing Session 2

July 4th-14th

July 15th – Blowout Regatta @ BYC

Racing Session 3

July 25th- August 4th

August 5th – Summer Sailing Classic @ OGYC

Racing Session 4

August 8th-17th

August 18th – No Tears Regatta @ TRYC

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Practice times will be determined by the tides for all days except the day prior to the regatta; on such day practice will be at 8am (allotting time for both practice and travel preparation).