Out On The Weekend

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See the Lonely Boy Out on the Weekend?  He’s got nobody to sail with for Friday Night Racing!  Please join us tonight for another night of fun Friday night races.  It’ll be low tide, but that’s ok; we’ll race in the channel!  Nothing can keep the FOBH faithful from a windy evening.  Meet at 5:30 to start rigging JY’s, first race at 6, done by 8.  Hurry, there aren’t many Fridays left before summer is over!

And thats just the start of another weekend at the sailing center.  The forecast is for a little weather, but that only helps thin the crowds.  We’ll be light on 420’s because of an away Junior Regatta, but there will be plenty of other boats to brush up your skills on.   If the winds really kick up, Bics can be tons of fun!

Our hours for this weekend are:
Saturday 8/6- 12pm-4pm
Sunday 8/7-  1pm-5pm

See you there!

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