Dear FOBH member,

Summer and sailing is almost here!  It is time to renew your 2016 dues for membership with The Friends of Belmar Harbor.

Our dues are good for the 2016 sailing season from June till October. Please make sure you have a valid card before coming to the dock to use the boats. Cards will be emailed out after receipt of your payment.

We still have plenty of  opportunities for members to get involved, help out and meet other members.

We will also be starting initiatives to encourage our new theme “Sailing for Everyone.”

A key component for this theme is RESPECT.

  • Respect for our wondrous Shark River.
  • Respect for fellow members ensuring everyone has an opportunity to enjoy their time on the water.
  • Respect for our fleet and our facility enabling us all to get more trouble free enjoyment in our time on the water.

Family Membership – $225
Individual Membership – $175
Submit Online Membership Application

Looking forward to a great year ahead,