The Friends of Belmar Harbor offers an 8‐week long summer program for 8-15 year‐old sailors at all levels, from beginning sailing through advanced racing. Regardless of age, we have introductory and advanced courses that will match students to other students that are close in age and in a boat that is appropriate to them in terms of physical size, strength, and ability. The Friends of Belmar Harbor follows US Sailing teaching methods. This curriculum focused on safety, fun and learning, and adheres to US Sailing’s standards. The various instructional programs available at FOBH are described:


Full Day Programs

Beginner Optimist (Ages 8 ‐11)
Intermediate Optimist (Ages 9 ‐12)
Adventure Sailing (Ages 11 ‐ 14)
Advanced/Beginner 420 (Ages 12 ‐ 15)


For Sailors

Sailing is a lifetime sport and pastime. Some of the friends and acquaintances you will make at FOBH will
turn into lifelong friendships and places visited for competitions will be visited over and over throughout
life. How you act as a junior sailor will have a lasting impact. Please recognize that sailing at FOBH is a
privilege and you are being provided with a fun and fulfilling opportunity. To make the most of this
experience, we ask that you follow these guidelines:
• Sail for fun and the love of the sport.
• Work hard to improve your skills.
• Listen, ask questions, and watch others to see how you can better your skills.
• Learn teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, confidence and self‐control.
• Be a team player – get along with others.
• Appreciate the contribution each person makes to the learning environment.
• Learn the rules, and play by them.
• Always be a good sport and set a positive example for others.


Each sessions is 1 week from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday – Friday.
  • Generally beginners learn in Opti’s.
  • Intermediates will use Open Bic’s and Hartley 12’s.
  • Advanced May use Open Bic’s, Hartley 12’s and 420’s.