FOBH Junior Sailing Program
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What Does My Child Need For Sailing?


All sailors will need:
Shoes that will stay on and protect your feet (NO FLIP FLOPS!)
Personal Floatation Device (PFD). (FOBH can no longer supply units).
Bathing suit and clothes to swim in
Re-useable water bottle
Hat or visor (helmets are optional, but may be a good idea for beginners)
Sunglasses (optional)
Please label all personal items.
If a sailor has his/her own Personal Flotation Device (PFD/Life Jacket) that they prefer to wear, we encourage them to bring it.  If not, we can provide enough PFD’s for all campers.
Shoes are a very important part of sailing.  They will be worn at all times, even while swimming.  Water shoes are a great choice, as are Crocs, Keens, Tevas, Chacos, old sneakers or any shoe with a heel strap that holds the foot in the shoe.  A closed toe is also recommended, but not required.  Flip Flops are not permitted ever and anyone wearing flip flops will not be permitted to sail. This rule has historically not been enforced.  However, this year it will be.  If your child shows up without proper footwear, they will not be permitted to sail or participate in many of the other activities at camp. 
Cell phones, electronics, ipods, headphones, hand held-games and money are not allowed at camp.  Sailors and their belongings will be in and around the water and belongings are left on open shelves in our tent.  FOBH is not responsible for missing, stolen or broken items.  Every effort will be made to ensure protection, but please do not allow your children to bring valuables to camp.  Cell phones, specifically, are a valuable commodity and a big distraction to sailors.  If a sailor needs to make a call, FOBH has on file all emergency numbers.  Our instructors and staff have their phones and make their use available to our sailors.
FOBH’s mission is to promote the health of Shark River and one way we are doing this is by reducing our waste.  When packing lunch for your sailor, try to utilize re-useable materials.  There are no recycling bins at our facility.  Disposable water bottles are not encouraged as it usually leads to a waste problem.  If you must bring a disposable water bottle please remember to have your sailor bring it home and refill it for the next day. 
On the first day of camp, please arrive early, around 8:45.  We need to double check our emergency contact information and go over exactly how camp will work during the week.  Parents should plan on staying until 9am.  After the first day, sailors should arrive by 9am.  Sailors will be ready for pick-up at 3pm.  Sailors may not leave camp by themselves unless we receive a signed note from a parent or guardian.  Parents must come to the FOBH tent to pick up sailors.  We must be able to see you.