Since our founding in 1999, FOBH has relied upon friends and neighbors giving generously of their time, talent and treasure to carry out our mission. We have many ways in which you can get involved, with projects that suit your interests, offer you something new to learn, fit nicely with the time you have available, and guarantee plenty of fun. Email us at

Fleet Maintenance
If you know, or are willing to learn, the skills involved in the maintenance and repair of boats, we can put you to work! Out fleet consists of Optis, 420s, JYs, Lasers, Sunfish, kayaks and Cat boats. Work includes attention to hulls, masts/booms, and rigging. Nearly our entire fleet was provided to us by generous benefactors; we want them to see that we honor their donation by taking care of the resources they so kindly provided.

Buildings and Grounds
We are located in Maclearie Park adjacent to the L Street Beach on the Shark River Bay in Belmar. Our present building is a temporary work/meeting space, and our grounds include a boat storage area, gangways and docks. We are always in need of people to maintain the site for appearance and safety, to move equipment and materials, and to keep things “ship shape.” Nothing spectacular, but absolutely essential!

Sailing Instruction
All FOBH sailing instructors are certified, but their jobs often involve related tasks and responsibilities better handled by others. So, this area of getting involved means being available on an as-needed basis to help our certified instructors with things they need to have done to make instruction time more effective…kind of like a teacher’s aide!

Site Supervision
With nearly all FOBH programs and events, a need exists for an “adult presence” to provide general supervision. It may mean overseeing equipment setup, testing the sound system, finding a band-aid, locating a lost cell phone – this task requires simply being present to do what is needed to help things run smoothly. A cool head, a calm heart, a sharp eye, a kind smile and a generous spirit are essential job requirements!

Each FOBH Program – Junior Sailing, Adult Sailing, Mayors’ Cup Regatta, Shark River Discovery Camp and more – is guided by a program manager. Each program manager, in turn, always needs reliable assistants to carry out the varied tasks and assignments that help to make the program a success. If one or more FOBH program particularly appeals to you, please call us or click on the link to the Volunteer Application and let us know with which program you would like to get involved. Variety is no problem!!

Special Events
This may be the most fun of all the ways you can get involved in FOBH. Maybe you’ll help us with the annual “Summer Solstice SAIL-abration” in June by registering guests, serving beverages, selling 50/50 tickets, or directing adults and kids to an unforgettable sail on a classic ship in the Shark River Bay. Or help out at the closing picnic – a delicious and delightful farewell to the sailing season. The Sunday after Thanksgiving you could string the lights on the holiday boat, serve up hot apple cider, or play your guitar to accompany our singing! And the annual Shark River Bay Awards Dinner offers a multitude of ways you can help us recognize leadership while raising fun…and funds.

Community Relations
We are not called Friends of the Belmar Harbor for nothing! We are friends who are always seeking new friends, advancing our mission, telling our story. It’s all about relationships, and if you would like to help with Community Relations you will be helping us to recruit interest and support from government, education, association, religious and other community leaders. Are you a talker? We have a great message to share…among other things did you know that more than 5,000 youngsters are now sailors because of us?

We live in a world where communications is a 24/7 reality. In order for FOBH to continue to enhance the lives of youth and adults for years to come, we need to keep a “high profile,” telling our story and sharing our mission through all communications methods. Website, publicity, print and digital media, photography and video (yes, and drone video) are all ways in which FOBH reaches others. , Coast Star, Ocean Star, The Coaster, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Text, Tumblr…it’s all good. Whatever! Get involved! Share your communications expertise with us.

Institutional Advancement
The FOBH mission statement explains that our programs are “accessible, affordable and fun.” Families who have participated in FOBH programs have told us that an important reason – if not THE MOST important reason – they registered with FOBH was our “affordability.” In order to keep our programs affordable, we reach out to individuals, foundations, corporations, government, associations and other sources to provide gifts, grants, sponsorships, underwriting and other contributions that support our operating costs and help us to keep instructional fees low. Perhaps you have friends or family who would gladly write a check; or you know someone who sits on a foundation board; or you work for a corporation that would like to support us through its matching gift program. Getting involved with Institutional Advancement is all about finding new friends and new funds for FOBH.

Every nonprofit needs people to help out with collecting the mail, answering the phone, preparing thank you letters, making bank deposits, keeping track of files and records, and so forth. FOBH is no exception. If you are well-organized, attentive to detail, a good listener, an effective speaker or just have a gift for “keeping the motor running,” we need you to help us with our administrative responsibilities.

Please get involved today. Email us at