Early June Swoon!

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The weather has been hot, hot, hot at the sailing center this week, and we can’t for the weekend!  As always, member useage hours will take place during the 2 hours preceding and 2 hours following high tide.  This weekend, that means we’ll be open from 8am to 12pm on Saturday, 6/4, and from 9am to 1pm on Sunday 6/5.  Our Menger Cat is rockin’ and the JY’s are begging to be ridden!

Why the difference in times from Saturday to Sunday?  To give you the most sailing time you can get!  Because of the position of the moon and the sun, each tide moves forward 1 hour from one day to the next.  Thats why high tide is at 10am on Saturday and at 11am on Sunday.  Cool!

See you at the River!

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