Community Sailing at Its Finest

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For those of you that missed it, the highlights from Friday Night Races this past week:Wing on Wing

The wind was beautiful, out of the south, consistently 5-10 knots, and a little shifty.  It ended up being just right for the crowd that came down.  And speaking of crowds, did we have one!  We had a total of 9 people come out, 5 boats on the line, in both JY15s and 420s.  There were some staff, some campers, some old friends of FOBH, and, of course, yours truly.

We set the course with a motorboat before we went out, but, in true Community Sailing style, we had to adjust the buoys and finally clean them up with just out sailboats.  No committee boats, no chase boats enforcing the rules, no protests.  And we did it.  Well.  I called the starts from my sailboat while I hung back off the line.  And nobody saw us finish but each other.  It was close at times, and we were OK with calling a tie a tie.  It didn’t need to be any more than all us engaged in friendly competition.

But if we are going to call it “racing,” then there should be a winner, right?  We did four races and had four different winners.  Kevin Nuccio took one, Roy Childers another, Tim Cain got one, and I got one.  The fleet was really close all evening, despite the fact that we were using 2 different classes of boats.

Rounding the MarkOther highlights included our seasoned racer/board member Roy Childers falling overboard on the dock  before the race, because he forgot to put down the centerboard, another board member Dave Burns trying out his yoga positions (downward facing dog, I think) as hiking maneuvers in the JY, and Kevin Nuccio, a long time camper at FOBH, winning the first race, then calling out to my boat during the second race “How do I go faster?”

This past Friday evening at FOBH showed the true community spirit that FOBH is striving for: friends working together, shared appreciation of a passion and a place, and just a little competition to keep things interesting.  I had a great time and I really hope you can join us next week.

Friday Night Racing is free for members, and only $10 for non-members.  Come down at 5:30 to rig a boat and we can start racing at 6pm.  We’ll be off the water and out of there by 8.

See you there!

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