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Friendship Cup 2012

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Notice of Regatta
Friends of the Belmar Harbor
Friendship Cup 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Shark River, Belmar

Early Registration: Due August 22
Cost: $40 payable to FOBH includes snack, T-shirt & awards
Late registration fee: $10 (no guarantee of T-shirt)
Check in: 12:00 Noon
Skippers meeting: 12:45 PM
First Race: 1:00 PM

More Information

Registration now closed


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It looks like we have a great night for Friday Fun Races.  Come on down at 5:30, the first races will be at 6pm.  If we don’t melt, we can stay out until 8pm.

This weekend should be a hot one, too.  Our hours are:
Saturday 6/30: 3pm-7pm
Sunday 7/1: 4pm-8pm.


Tomorrow’s Weather and Camp

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Tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for rain and chances of thunderstorms for most of the day.  FOBH values the safety of its campers most of all and will take every precaution to ensure that our campers stay safe during weather related events.

However, as our camps are only 1 week long this year, time for instruction and education is at a premium.  At this time, tomorrow’s classes will take place as scheduled.  We have various activities planned that will engage the campers for the day.  These include both sailing-related and other educational material.

On that note, our usual Monday routine consists of team-building exercises, capsize recovery tests and swim tests in the morning and, depending on the ability level of the sailors, sailing drills and activities in the afternoon.  If any families wish to keep their campers home tomorrow, the content of tomorrows classes will be repeated and reinforced throughout the week.  Please keep in mind that make up days will not be provided when FOBH does not cancel its classes.


Eight township residents attend three-week junior sailing program

Several students practice on JY15 sailboats. Kelsey Stout and Natasha Collett, both age 10 of Wall Township, are taking part in the junior sailing program,
Students practice their skills on 8-foot Open Bics and 8-foot Optimus Prams. Students get the sailboats ready with the help of instructors.

Ten-year-old Natasha Collett never knew sailing existed before she enrolled in the Junior Sailing Program run by the Friends of Belmar Harbor.

But by the end of the three-week instructional program she’s attending via a scholarship from the Wall Recreation Department, Collett hopes to sail by herself on the Shark River.

Collett and seven other Wall Township children, along with 40 others from area towns, are attending the afternoon program from 12:30 to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday through Aug. 19.

“The last day of the junior sailing program is the Mayor’s Cup Regatta. The students get to show off the skills they have learned over the three weeks,” said Tom Adcock, Friends of Belmar Harbor Board Member.

The Friends of Belmar Harbor and the recreation departments from Wall, Belmar, Avon, Neptune, Neptune City and Bradley Beach sponsor 48 children – eight per town – to attend each summer.

Now in its seventh season, the free junior sailing program is based out of the Friends of Belmar Harbor headquarters located on the shore of the Shark River at the intersection of L Street and Route 35.

“This is an amazing program and it’s all for free,” said Marilyn Ryder, grandmother of 10-year-old Kelsey Stout, of Joseph Court.

“I never sailed before. The other day, Natasha and I sailed all the way over to Memorial Park in Neptune City,” said Kelsey said.  “I think we might be sailing by ourselves this week.”

The goal of the program is to introduce sailing and expose the children to the water to children ages 10 to 16, according to Adcock.

The students practice on the Friends of Belmar Harbor’s fleet of 8-foot Open Bics, 8-foot Optimus Prams and JY15s.


Troop 99 Completes Sailing Camp

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We made the news all the way out in Pennsylvania!  Hows that for community outreach?

This story is from the Newtown Gazzette of Newtown, PA, home of Eric Roberts and Boy Scout Troop 99.  They have been doing a Scout Camp with FOBH for the past few years, earning their Small Boat Sailing Merit Badges.  Our camp this year was way back in June and the sensationalist media out there is having a frenzy with this one right now. Congrats boys!


Pictured front row from left, Connor French, Aubrey Saunders, Ethan Koza and Danny Matz; middle row, Vladimir Karepov, Matthew Stockburger, Josh Griffin, Mike Austin, James McCarron and Roger Yu; back row, instructors Christopher Childers, Eric Roberts and Kyle Roberts.

A group of Boy Scouts from Newtown’s Troop 99 recently completed a Sailing Camp in Belmar, NJ.  Ten scouts camped out at the edge of the Shark River Basin for four days and completed the requirements for the Small-Boat Sailing merit badge, and also earned their Small Boat Sailor certification from the US SAILING organization. The camp was conducted in partnership with the Friends of the Belmar Harbor (FOBH), a non-profit group dedicated to training youth in the skills of sailing. Christopher Childers, FOBH Program Director, provided the primary sailing instruction.


Didn’t know about FOBH and the BSA?  We have a Merit Badge Counselor on staff and we can certify Scouts in their Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge.  Read about it here.


Out On The Weekend

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See the Lonely Boy Out on the Weekend?  He’s got nobody to sail with for Friday Night Racing!  Please join us tonight for another night of fun Friday night races.  It’ll be low tide, but that’s ok; we’ll race in the channel!  Nothing can keep the FOBH faithful from a windy evening.  Meet at 5:30 to start rigging JY’s, first race at 6, done by 8.  Hurry, there aren’t many Fridays left before summer is over!

And thats just the start of another weekend at the sailing center.  The forecast is for a little weather, but that only helps thin the crowds.  We’ll be light on 420’s because of an away Junior Regatta, but there will be plenty of other boats to brush up your skills on.   If the winds really kick up, Bics can be tons of fun!

Our hours for this weekend are:
Saturday 8/6- 12pm-4pm
Sunday 8/7-  1pm-5pm

See you there!


Friendship Cup 2011

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Notice of Regatta

Friends of the Belmar Harbor
Friendship Cup 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011
Shark River, Belmar

Registration: Due August 16
Cost: $40 payable to FOBH includes snack, T-shirt & awards
Late registration fee: $10 (no guarantee of T-shirt)
Check in: 11:00 AM
Skippers meeting: 12:15 PM
First Race: 12:30 PM

More Information

Register Now!

Its been a crazy week at FOBH.  After a lot of preparation for our annual fundraiser on Thursday, we had a great turnout.  A few raindrops early in the evening didn’t stop us from having a great time.  In fact, the big clouds made for some really nice scenery.

Two sessions of camp finished today, so there was lot of hustle and bustle going on there as well.  There were junior sailors all the way at Memorial Park in Neptune and Discovery Campers giving their end of week presentations for a great crowd at the sailing center.

And we aren’t even done yet!  Friday Night Racing is going on tonight at 5:30.  Show up then to start rigging a boat and we can get racing by 6pm and, after a few good races, be done and off the water by 8pm.  Its free for members, $10 for non-members.

This weekend should be nice as well.  The temperatures might be up, but the the sun should be out.  There are no classes going on this weekend, so all of our boats will be free for the first time in 2 weeks.  But careful, that also means theres a fresh group of Beginner Adults out there.  I hope they learned the rules of the road!  Just kidding, but I bet they are excited to hit the water by themselves for the first time without me looking over their shoulder.

Our weekend hours are:
Saturday 7/30- 8am-12pm
Sunday 7/31-  8am-12pm

Hope you all had a great week, and I’ll see you on the water!


Please join your friends for a barbeque style get-together featuring good food, music and sailboat rides on the Shark River.
Cash bar will be available with beer and wine for the adults.

WHEN: Thursday July 28th,  5 PM till 10PM

WHERE: “L” Street Sailing Facility, Route 35 in Belmar

Donation:  $40/Adults, $15/Kids 6-14 and 5 and under free

Register Online Now!

For those of you that missed it, the highlights from Friday Night Races this past week:Wing on Wing

The wind was beautiful, out of the south, consistently 5-10 knots, and a little shifty.  It ended up being just right for the crowd that came down.  And speaking of crowds, did we have one!  We had a total of 9 people come out, 5 boats on the line, in both JY15s and 420s.  There were some staff, some campers, some old friends of FOBH, and, of course, yours truly.

We set the course with a motorboat before we went out, but, in true Community Sailing style, we had to adjust the buoys and finally clean them up with just out sailboats.  No committee boats, no chase boats enforcing the rules, no protests.  And we did it.  Well.  I called the starts from my sailboat while I hung back off the line.  And nobody saw us finish but each other.  It was close at times, and we were OK with calling a tie a tie.  It didn’t need to be any more than all us engaged in friendly competition.

But if we are going to call it “racing,” then there should be a winner, right?  We did four races and had four different winners.  Kevin Nuccio took one, Roy Childers another, Tim Cain got one, and I got one.  The fleet was really close all evening, despite the fact that we were using 2 different classes of boats.

Rounding the MarkOther highlights included our seasoned racer/board member Roy Childers falling overboard on the dock  before the race, because he forgot to put down the centerboard, another board member Dave Burns trying out his yoga positions (downward facing dog, I think) as hiking maneuvers in the JY, and Kevin Nuccio, a long time camper at FOBH, winning the first race, then calling out to my boat during the second race “How do I go faster?”

This past Friday evening at FOBH showed the true community spirit that FOBH is striving for: friends working together, shared appreciation of a passion and a place, and just a little competition to keep things interesting.  I had a great time and I really hope you can join us next week.

Friday Night Racing is free for members, and only $10 for non-members.  Come down at 5:30 to rig a boat and we can start racing at 6pm.  We’ll be off the water and out of there by 8.

See you there!