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Community Sailing at Its Finest

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For those of you that missed it, the highlights from Friday Night Races this past week:Wing on Wing

The wind was beautiful, out of the south, consistently 5-10 knots, and a little shifty.  It ended up being just right for the crowd that came down.  And speaking of crowds, did we have one!  We had a total of 9 people come out, 5 boats on the line, in both JY15s and 420s.  There were some staff, some campers, some old friends of FOBH, and, of course, yours truly.

We set the course with a motorboat before we went out, but, in true Community Sailing style, we had to adjust the buoys and finally clean them up with just out sailboats.  No committee boats, no chase boats enforcing the rules, no protests.  And we did it.  Well.  I called the starts from my sailboat while I hung back off the line.  And nobody saw us finish but each other.  It was close at times, and we were OK with calling a tie a tie.  It didn’t need to be any more than all us engaged in friendly competition.

But if we are going to call it “racing,” then there should be a winner, right?  We did four races and had four different winners.  Kevin Nuccio took one, Roy Childers another, Tim Cain got one, and I got one.  The fleet was really close all evening, despite the fact that we were using 2 different classes of boats.

Rounding the MarkOther highlights included our seasoned racer/board member Roy Childers falling overboard on the dock  before the race, because he forgot to put down the centerboard, another board member Dave Burns trying out his yoga positions (downward facing dog, I think) as hiking maneuvers in the JY, and Kevin Nuccio, a long time camper at FOBH, winning the first race, then calling out to my boat during the second race “How do I go faster?”

This past Friday evening at FOBH showed the true community spirit that FOBH is striving for: friends working together, shared appreciation of a passion and a place, and just a little competition to keep things interesting.  I had a great time and I really hope you can join us next week.

Friday Night Racing is free for members, and only $10 for non-members.  Come down at 5:30 to rig a boat and we can start racing at 6pm.  We’ll be off the water and out of there by 8.

See you there!


Announcing the Shark River Discovery Camp

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FOBH is launching the Shark River Discovery Camp for 7 – 15 yr olds offering an opportunity to experience the different wonders of the Shark River. The program combines recreational sailing and kayaking excursions with environmental education and more.
More Info


FOBH Named in National Consortium

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NSHOF logo

Learning Math & Science Through Sailing

Kids sailing during NSHOF summer educational program

As part of the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame’s Learning Math and Science through Sailing Initiative, NSHOF has organized a Learning Math & Science through Sailing Consortium, in partnership with Hudson River Community Sailing’s accredited After School Program and the Young Mariners Foundation program.

Math and science are presently at the forefront of educational priorities in the United States, where throughout the country STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs are being implemented in numerous school districts. “Science and mathematics competency is becoming ever more essential to individual and nations in an increasingly global workforce and economy,” says the National Science Board. Sailing is uniquely tied to math and science.

The national Consortium was formed to share curriculum and best practices in order to promote similar programs throughout the country.  The Consortium includes the following organizations from the United States and Bermuda:

Bermuda The Bermuda Sloop Foundation
California San Diego Maritime Museum
Colorado Community Sailing of Colorado
Connecticut> Schooner, Inc.Young Mariners Foundation
Florida Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County
Maryland Anne Arundel County Public Schools
National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame
Massachusetts Community Boating, Inc., Boston
Courageous Sailing, Boston
Nantucket Community Sailing
New Jersey Friends of Belmar Harbor, Inc.
New York Hudson River Community Sailing
The Stony Brook School
North Carolina New Bern ROTC
Edward Teach Sailing Association
Ohio Lorain Boating Education Center
Rhode Island Community Boating Center
Herreshoff Marine Museum
South Carolina Charleston Community Sailing
Vermont Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center
Washington, DC DC Sail
Wisconsin North Coast Community Sailing

As program descriptions and materials are available, they it will be posted on the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame web-site and Facebook. A meeting of the Consortium is scheduled for October 7 in Annapolis during the 2011 Annapolis Sailboat Show.


Eagle Scout’s project aids sailing community

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Photo courtesy BRENIN FORD

Photo courtesy BRENIN FORD

Brenin Ford, 18, calls sailing his “biggest passion.”

The senior at Christian Brothers Academy is also a newly minted Eagle Scout, and has been involved with Boy Scouting since he was a Cub Scout with Troop 333 of Wall.

When it came time for Brenin to complete a service project to earn his Eagle Scout status with Troop 72 of Neptune Township, he was finally able to unite these two pastimes by volunteering to create a storage facility for the Friends of Belmar Harbor [FOBH].

Brenin, who is a Wall Township resident, first got the idea to re-construct the FOBH’s storage unit in autumn 2009, when he was on the FOBH racing team. One day after coming back from a race, he went to get a sail and “could tell an animal had been sleeping in” the storage facility, he said with a laugh.

In addition to having a furry tenant, the small building’s “paint was getting chipped and the roof was shot and leaking, so they clearly needed something new,” he said.

Brenin realized that he could help the FOBH with their facilities as his Eagle Scout project.

“You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get to Eagle Scout,” Brenin explained. “One of those hoops is a service project.”

Brenin’s Scout leader, Frank Davidson, had encouraged him to choose a project he was passionate about, so working with the FOBH was a good fit.

In addition to having sailed competitively as part of the FOBH team and independently, Brenin is a member of the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club and works as a sailing instructor for the Monmouth County Parks System.

Once Brenin had chosen his project, he sought approval from the FOBH.

The FOBH is a nonprofit community sailing program run by donations, and a board of trustees who are from Belmar and surrounding towns. The group offers sailing lessons to children in the summer with equipment included, and also hosts sailing workshops for children from Newark over the summer.

Dave Burns, who is president of the FOBH’s board of trustees, was “thrilled” to hear Brenin’s idea, he said.

“We knew it [the storage unit] was falling down and we needed to replace it,” Mr. Burns said. “He volunteered to do it, which was great. He did a perfect job.”

After Brenin had the FOBH’s approval, his next step was to approach then-mayor Kenneth Pringle for the borough of Belmar’s approval.

“When he came and presented the idea, he had made a scale model of the proposed building with other objects on it so that we could get to see the exact scale,” Mr. Pringle said. “He really did a very thorough job of planning it.”

Brenin had gotten help from Robert Houseal, an architect from Spring Lake who is a family friend. Mr. Houseal helped Brenin to draw plans for the structure on paper.

Brenin and Mr. Houseal had begun the architectural planning in the beginning of the summer, and the plan had Mr. Pringle’s signature by Aug. 5, 2010.

The next step was to gather all of the materials necessary for the project’s completion. Brenin received paint, lumber and other materials from Belmar’s Jaegar Lumber, Taylor Hardware and Belmar Paints, as well as leftover materials from local families who were doing construction on their houses. In addition to these materials, Brenin also garnered $2,000 of donations from friends, family members and area residents.

While he was gathering the materials and monetary donations, Brenin also demolished the previous structure.

By Sept. 18, Brenin and his crew of volunteers were able to break ground and start building the storage facility.

The group was only able to work on the weekends, because Brenin had crew practice during the week. However, he was still able to finish his project by Nov. 6.

The process was hindered by a car accident in which Brenin was involved on Oct. 4.

Brenin broke his shoulder in the accident, which postponed the project by two- and one-half weeks. The injury has also become an obstacle in Brenin’s pursuit of another dream — attending the Air Force Academy and becoming a pilot.

Now, Brenin plans on attending a four-year college and possibly transferring to the Air Force Academy later.

Brenin also takes flying lessons, is an active scuba diver and is a member of the varsity crew team at Christian Brothers Academy [CBA] in Lincroft.

In order to add Eagle Scout to his list of accomplishments, Brenin had to finish his service project before his eighteenth birthday, which was Dec. 1, 2010.

“You have from the day you enter sixth grade until your eighteenth birthday” to prepare an Eagle Scout application, Brenin said. “If you don’t have all of the requirements, you’re done — you can’t get it.”

Brenin completed his project in time, and sat for an examination from a board of older Eagle Scouts, who asked him questions about topics both related and unrelated to Boy Scouts.

“They ask you some questions not even pertaining to Scouts. They want to see you make an opinion and defend that opinion,” Brenin said.

Now that Brenin has passed his Eagle Scout examination and has filed all of the necessary paperwork, he is applying to be an adult leader of Troop 72.

“I figure I owe it back to the troop,” he said. “They’ve given me countless fun experiences. We’ve gone on so many fun trips and the adult leaders I had were a whole lot of fun.”

As for his experience building the storage facility, “I had a blast,” Brenin said. “I learned a lot, as with any construction project. I am extremely pleased with how it came out — it came out beyond my expectations.”

Members of the FOBH and the borough of Belmar are also thankful to Brenin.

“We’re thrilled,” Mr. Burns said. “It’s something that’s tangible, that we can use right away.”

“He did a wonderful job,” Mr. Pringle said. “We’re very proud of him.”


Registration for Summer Programs

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Go to Junior Sailing Page

Online Registration is now open!

Junior Registration 2011 and waiver (printable form)

The following sessions will be available:

Session 1: June 20 – July 1 PM
Session 2: June 27 – July 8 AM
Session 3: July 4 – July 15 PM
Session 4: July 11 – July 22 AM
Session 5: July 18 – July 29 PM
Session 6: July 25 – August 5 AM
Session 7: August 8 – August 19 AM
Session 8: August 22 – September 2 AM
Session 9: August 22 – September 2 PM